Ad Dimensions:

Full: 7 x 9.6 Half 7 x 4.75
Half: Vertical 3.5 x 9.6
Quarter: 3.5 x 4.75
Business Card: 3.5 x 2.32

Specialty Ads

Glossy or Inside Covers: 8x 10.75
with 0.5 bleed around on all sides
Back Cover: 8x 10.75
with 0.5 bleed around on all sides
Leave a 2.25 x 3.75 space on Bottom Left for Address Box
Front Cover: 8x 2.75
with .5 bleed on right and bottom sides
With All Ads Especially Glossy Make sure that text is not within .5 from sides.

Reversed (White Font on a color Background) or Screened Text

In order to ensure readability, please use the following guidelines when using reversed or screened text:

  • Reversed Text should not be smaller than 10 point. Reversed Text on a four-color background and (Fine) Serif Type should not be smaller than 12 points.
  • Reverse Text should not be placed in a screened area containing less than a 70% screen or on a yellow or other light colored background.
  • Text reproduced as a screen percentage should not be serifs or fine to medium weight and should not be screened at less than 80%.

Total Ink Limits:
In order to ensure the brightest color output, please use the following guidelines when choosing your colors:

Colors used should not exceed 240%
  • In Adobe Illustrator you can check colors with the dropper tool and adding the percentages of the CMYK range shown on the INFO pallet
  • In Adobe Photoshop, you can change your color setting to incorporate our printer’s guidelines
  • Under Edit, select Color Setting. The following should be set at - Gray: Dot Grain 30%, Spot: Dot Grain 30%, RGB: Convert to working RGB, CMYK: convert to working CMYK, Gray: Convert to Working Gray. Profile Mismatches/Missing Profiles: all options should be checked.
  • Once you check that these options are correct, select settings type as custom.

  • A new screen will pop up – choose a name for these setting. And set the options as follows: Ink Colors SWOP (uncoated), Dot Grain: Standard, 30%, Separation Type: GCR, Black Generation: Medium, Black Ink Limit: 90%, Total Ink Limit: 240%, UCA Amount: 0%


  • All Black elements should be created as 100% Black only and not a combination of CMYK. You may check the INFO pallet in Adobe Photoshop to ensure that Black is 100%

Scanning Images:
Images scanned on a gray scale should = 200 DPI. Color Scans should = 350 DPI. Black & White Images (No gray scale) should = 1200 DPI.

Only two color spaces should be used when saving images Grayscale (black forms) or CMYK color (4-Color forms).

File Formats
The Voice now only accepts advertisements saved in a PDF Format. If this problem please contact our office to discuss other acceptable formats. Please ensure that all fonts are converted to outlines/curves and all text and images are properly embedded.