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September 29, 2022

PCS/FDU Master’s in Accounting Career

With inflation at a record high, the current financial climate makes the need for charting a path toward a lucrative career with real advancement opportunities more important than ever. For over two decades, PCS has served as the premier address for job placement and career courses. Its flagship master’s in accounting program provides students with the opportunity to earn a top-rated degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, rated among the best universities by Forbes and the best master’s degrees in accounting by Eduniversal.

As esteem for this course grew over the years, the program has expanded to allow students from all over the United States, Canada, and Israel the opportunity to join the remote program. This streamlined entry into a successful career equips students with the high-level skills they need to succeed in accounting and finance as well as the foundation to start their own businesses.

“The high-quality, CPA-oriented education of the FDU master’s in accounting enables many students to pass the CPA exam on their first try,” says Daniel Soloff, director of PCS. “Many graduates utilize their highly respected degrees, together with their CPAs, to get jobs in some of the most prestigious firms.

The PCS job placement advantage

With a 98 percent employment rate, PCS students have a definite edge when it comes to finding lucrative jobs. PCS’s eight job coordinators have relationships with hundreds of firms that span decades. The program’s graduates, with their solid education and impressive degrees, are its best advertisement; graduates’ proven successes have prompted numerous companies to ask for additional PCS graduates to fill openings.

Rabbi Gedaliah Weinberger, chairman of the board, noted that the nonprofit program’s goal is to go the extra mile for students, particularly when it comes to finding them high-quality employment opportunities.

“We strive for excellence, and we see that it works,” said Rabbi Weinberger. “Although salaries vary widely based on circumstances and locations, there are graduates who are earning $250,000 or more, while others have earned equity in their companies or successfully opened their own businesses.”

In high demand

Accountants are in high demand, with employers desperate for quality candidates. Graduating with a master’s degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University gives PCS alumni a distinct advantage. Employers actively seek out PCS graduates; one alumnus was told by his manager at a Big Four accounting firm, “We’re looking for more guys like you.”

Tzvi Zicherman, managing partner at LTC Finance in Lakewood, credited PCS with his ability to succeed in various jobs over the years at firms of all sizes, including PwC, a coveted Big Four employer.

Likewise, Neal Granick worked his way up the corporate ladder to his current position as senior manager at Deloitte, his entry to the Big Four firm coming through a PCS connection. “PCS helped me get my first job,” said Granick. “They set me up with an internship that was my first experience in public accounting. I worked there for a year, and my boss had contacts at Deloitte and got me in.

“When I began working, I felt like I had an advantage over the other entry-level accountants, even the ones from big-name universities. They didn’t have the same technical knowledge and professionalism. The PCS program really prepares its students for the accounting landscape.”

Having received offers from several top firms after graduating the PCS program, Devorah B. sees accounting as a strong option for those seeking good salaries.

“As long as you are motivated and are not afraid of working with numbers, accounting can work for you,” she says. “There are many opportunities within the accounting field to choose from, so even if one branch of accounting does not sound appealing to you, there are other options to pursue.”

“This course is great for anyone that wants to go into business,” observes Gabriel Cooper, another PCS graduate. “In my case, it helped me get where I needed to go very quickly.”

Critical communications

In addition to accounting, students acquire valuable skills in PCS’s communications classes. Students learn crucial interview skills and how to interact effectively with their colleagues, peers, managers, and customers. Having taught the class for more than a decade, Professor Barry Wintle, a former PwC principal and hiring manager, has received countless calls from grateful students. While having a master’s degree is an edge that may help you get your foot in the door, companies need employees that can communicate effectively and professionally.

Wintle is looking forward to the start of the program’s next cohort, in October, and to helping students acquire an accounting degree, a business credential that spans numerous potential career choices. Since he first started with PCS in 2011, Wintle has taught brothers and sisters, twins and triplets, and even mothers and fathers.

“Right now, the opportunities we are seeing in the field are unprecedented,” said Wintle. “This degree helps students now, as well as to advance in their future careers.”

PCS offers separate men’s and women’s classes in New York, New Jersey, and Israel, with remote and day program options available. Classes are offered one to two evenings a week and on Sundays, with the next cohort starting in October 2022.

For the men’s cohort, contact Chaya Lemberger at 732-905-9700 ext. 630 or For the women’s cohort, contact Tova Sapirman at 732-367-1500 or Or visit


The PCS master’s in accounting advantage

  • Graduates receive a master’s in accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University, ranked among the best universities in Forbes 2021. The degree is ranked among the best master’s in accounting by Eduniversal 2021.
  • The program serves New York, New Jersey, out-of-town, and Israel.
  • PCS employs eight placement coordinators with relationships with hundreds of firms that span decades, resulting in a 98 percent employment rate.
  • The program has 17 years of proven success and name brand recognition.
  • Various schedule options are available, including a new day program.