An Evening To Show It

June 2, 2022

By Avi Shiff

They are our warriors.

Our role models.

Everything we aspire for. Everything we wish for our children.

They are our adirei haTorah, the warriors of Torah, those who give up everything else so that they can sit and learn Hashem’s heilige Torah, with no ulterior motive or agenda.

They are our precious yungeleit.

They are the diamonds of our community, those we look up to and admire.

In a world filled with distraction, they are the shining lights illuminating the communities around them.

They are our exalted yungeleit.

Bnei Torah have long recognized the esteemed nature of our yungeleit, but now, with the encouragement and direction of the gedolei roshei yeshivos, an event will be held where people from all walks of life will have the opportunity to express and demonstrate their appreciation for our lomdei Torah.

But why an event? And why now?

Over the last year, a group of baalei batim were successful in raising the banner of Torah and the esteem in which yungeleit are held by stepping up to the plate in support of these lomdei Torah. By tapping into the inherent ahavas haTorah and chashivus for Torah that personifies our communities, they raised the kollel checks of the yungeleit of Beth Medrash Govoha to $1,000 a month.

Raising the $57 million for the yeshiva’s annual budget is not a “financial burden,” as some might think. On the contrary. As those involved in this effort express, it is a unique zechus – the greatest zechus imaginable – to provide the yungeleit a strong measure of support. And the goal is for that amount to only grow.

These are our treasured yungeleit.

The baalei batim have shown each yungerman how much we, as a community, appreciate what he, as a lomeid Torah, does for Klal Yisroel. The millions of dollars raised express Klal Yisroel’s unwavering support for the yungerman.

The haromas keren haTorah that has been experienced over the last 12 months had a remarkable impact. Adults and children, men and women, sat up and took notice. The yungeleit have been placed on the pedestal where they belong. And the influence has spread far beyond Lakewood. There was an astounding ripple effect. Other yeshivos, kollelim and mosdos haTorah, in varying communities, have been inspired by what they witnessed and have courageously followed suit, raising the kollel checks of their respective yungeleit.

Klal Yisroel’s cherished yungeleit.

The upcoming event, slated to be held at the Cure Arena in Trenton, NJ, and perhaps a larger venue as demand for tickets will dictate, will celebrate what has been achieved over the last year and take it to the next level, as bnei Torah and machzikei Torah unite in celebration and support of our yungeleit.

As one senior rosh yeshiva remarked, this last year has been “one large expression of kavod haTorah,” and there is no greater kavod haTorah than a maamad whose singular goal is to express our community’s reverence and admiration for the heroes who have made Torah learning their very essence.

The chashivus of a yungerman has been broadcast to thousands of yungeleit around the world.

The wives of the yungeleit have likewise been shown appreciation for their sacrifice and dedication.

And the yungeleit have been given the feeling that a nation is indebted to them for the vital role they play.

The upcoming maamad of kiddush Sheim Shomayim will demonstrate this.

Over the last year, the baalei batim behind this movement visited over 1,000 people and reached out to several thousand more. The response was nothing short of inspiring. But this movement can still grow and expand even more. There are masses of good Yidden across the country and beyond who want to be part of this movement. The upcoming event will band together all of Klal Yisroel in raising the flag of chashivus haTorah.

It’s an opportunity for each and every individual to show the lomdei Torah what we, as a klal, truly value.

We recognize that the yungerman who is sitting and learning is holding up the world.

The gedolei Yisroel have expressed that this is a mission for all to be part of.

Roshei yeshiva, admorim, and rabbonim from across the tri-state area and beyond have expressed this very sentiment and will be attending the upcoming event.

From the Olam Hayeshivos, to the Olam HaChassidus, to Yidden across the spectrum, this event will be like none other before it, an expression of kavod haTorah that will resonate and reverberate across the Olam HaTorah.

As we go to press, Yidden from across the country and beyond have booked tickets and made plans to participate.

They do not want to miss this.

And neither do you.

The countdown has begun to June 12, a date that will celebrate our most important assets.

Our dear and beloved yungeleit.