Once Again, Israel is Denounced by UN

The Israeli government chose to demolish illegal structures in a small Bedouin village. The 73 members of the community were displaced as their tents were razed. The Israeli statement released stated, “The enforcement was carried out in accordance with the authorities and procedures, and subject to operational considerations.” The UN responded by stating, “We urge …

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Please Daven for HaRav Dovid Feinstein

Klal Yisrael is asked to daven for HaRav Dovid Feinstein, who is hospitalized and needs our tefillos. Please say tehillim for Dovid ben Shima, bsoch shaar cholei amo yisrael.

Which Other Counties Prefer Trump?

Yes, Trump did take Ocean County by more than 62%. Which other counties share our taste for presidents? Sussex, Warren and Hunterdon up in North Jersey were red. And in the south, Salem and Cape May voted for Trump, too. However, all the other NJ counties were blue, so, no, it was Biden who got …

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NJ Democratic Official Makes Jokes about Assassinating Trump

Chris Emrich, a NJ Democratic official, refused to resign after Fox News published a post-election tweet with a joke he made about assassinating Trump. Emrich wrote that he would “need a John Wilkes Booth Project.” He was referencing John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln back in 1865. While the Twitter account can …

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News Article

The Voice of Lakewood was born with a mission in mind. Over ten years ago, as the Lakewood community began to grow and expand, rapidly stretching at the seams, there emerged a need for a common meeting place that would keep the town together. Lakewood needed a coffee room; a home base. The Voice of …

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