Esrog Shopper

September 22, 2022

A Tailor-Made Arba’ah Minim Experience

When selecting arba’ah minim, everyone has their own preferences and specifications.

The thought has passed through many a mind: Wouldn’t it be great if I had access to a mumcheh to help me find the set I’m looking for?

For the past six years, has been the messenger to find mehudar lulavim and esrogim that fit customers’ exact predilections and budgets.

With more than a dozen years’ experience as an arba’ah minim dealer based in Lakewood, R’ Yehoshua Berger, founder of, has actualized his vision of providing a variety of customizable package options to suit anyone’s personal preferences, with a focus on customer service, expertise, and integrity.

Simply put, is your personal arba’ah minim shopping representative working to ensure that you will receive a beautiful arba’ah minim set exactly to your liking.

To help everyone find their ideal set, R’ Yehoshua created an easy-to-use questionnaire. Those who know precisely what they’re looking for can write what “brand” of esrog they want and numerous other details. They can include special requests about appearance, chumros, or anything else. Once has this list of specifications, they procure the perfect esrog for that individual. Those who are not sure exactly what kind of esrog they want can fill in whatever details they do prefer and then ask to choose a nice esrog for them.

After receiving an overwhelming response from the Lakewood community, has expanded and begun shipping to more communities. It now services the entire continental USA via overnight shipping (to ensure freshness).

Even as they expand, customer service remains their highest priority. Their goal is to provide each customer with a set that will bring them simchas Yom Tov.

R’ Yehoshua’s brother R’ Yaakov runs the customer service department. In addition to being an expert on esrogim and working with him on all aspects of, he gives his all to personally service every customer. offers three levels of full sets of arba’ah minim, which they call platinum, gold, and silver, all for very competitive prices. They also offer “bar mitzvah sets” and chinuch sets for cheaper prices. All sets include the esrog, a Deri lulav, hadassim, aravos, koishelach, and rings.

During this shemittah year, will be selling high-quality Chazon Ish and Teimani esrogim that have been replanted in Morocco, as well as standard Moroccan and Yanover (Italy) esrogim. They are working with a veteran supplier, Rabbi Elazar Hamel, who has been involved in the world of arba’ah minim for many years and has forged relationships with the top names in the field. He personally travels to Morocco to pick out esrogim for and is providing them the most meyuchas and nicest esrogim from that country. is all about making people happy and bringing people simchas Yom Tov through a truly mehudar set. Nothing makes the Bergers happier than hearing from customers that the set they received was exactly what they’d envisioned. can be contacted by visiting, emailing, or calling 732-447-4846.