Hot Bagels

March 31, 2022

Everything You Didn’t Know About the Famous Hot Bagels Empire

The Legacy, the Legend, and the Rebbe’s Brachah

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Boro Park is familiar with Brooklyn’s legendary Hot Bagels shop. It almost defies logic that a store selling only bagels and spreads could have become such a resounding success. I mean, how good can a bagel be?

If you’re asking, you clearly have never tried one from Hot Bagels.

“I’m telling you, they put something addictive in these bagels,” one enthusiastic Hot Bagels-goer commented recently as he enjoyed a signature crusty tuna-filled bagel with a friend.

Not too long ago, Hot Bagels was a tiny, no-frills storefront on 13th Avenue in Boro Park, but somehow, the line always managed to spill out the door and down the block.

What many people don’t know is the incredible backstory and legacy behind their favorite nostalgic Brooklyn bagel shop.

The Rebbe’s brachah

When the owner of Hot Bagels, R’ Yonah moved from Eretz Yisrael to New York, he spoke little English as he attempted to acclimate to a new society. He found a job in the diamond industry, and every Motza’ei Shabbos, he would buy bagels from a small bagel shop in Brooklyn for melaveh malkah.

Once, on his regular bagel run, the owner of the shop confided in him that he was contemplating selling his store. R’ Yonah, a devout Bobover chassid, went to discuss buying the shop with his Rebbe, R’ Shloima zt”l. The Rebbe immediately gave his blessing, and shortly afterward, the deal was made. Thereafter, the Rebbe would tell his chassidim to buy bagels at R’ Yonah’s newly acquired bagel shop.

It didn’t take long for the Rebbe’s brachah to be fulfilled. The modest store quickly saw incredible success.

Affordable delicacies

R’ Yonah’s goal, aside from producing the most delicious bagels in town, has always been to provide affordable pricing so that families who couldn’t normally afford to “eat out” would still be able to treat their families to a delicious meal.

Thirty-five years after Hot Bagels opened, R’ Yonah and his staff remain true to their commitment to provide the Jewish community with the most delicious bagels at affordable prices.

Multiple new locations have since opened in Williamsburg and more recently, in Lakewood, and it’s no wonder Hot Bagels has such a large following in all three cities where it is located. The bagels are kettle cooked, stone baked, preservative free, and always fresh. The stores, which feature plentiful seating, are open daily at 7 a.m. for the kollel and working men to grab breakfast, and Motza’ei Shabbos for family melaveh malkahs.

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the business, though, is the letters R’ Yonah receives from patrons thanking him for keeping his prices affordable, enabling them to enjoy their favorite bagels.

More than just bagels

Hot Bagels has recently extended far beyond bagels. The gorgeous new Lakewood location carries a variety of specialty items and sandwiches, including lots of sourdough items and a delicious line of Patis signature goodies.

Hot Bagels caters on-site events for sheva brachos, family parties, and more. They specialize in corporate orders and events, and they also cater off-site events. The store also features a beautiful selection of breakfast and lunch packages for chassanim and kallahs, new mothers, and anyone else who could use a tasty treat.

Whether you go for the freshest, most delicious bagels in town, the competitive pricing, or the new specialty items on the menu, you’ll undoubtedly be going back for more. After all, R’ Shloima’s brachah has never failed to deliver!