February 9, 2023

Be There. Because That’s Who You Are

Sometimes, you see a need. A need that begs you to do something, and you just can’t ignore it because you’re you. You’re a doer.

If you know that feeling, then you understand the sentiment behind the founding of Kupas Yom Tov eight years ago by a group of yungerleit with the help of the entire Lakewood community.

Really, ever since Klal Yisrael received the Torah, we’ve been trying our best to help those dedicated to learning its holy words. To raise them up and ensure they can dedicate themselves with the proper menuchas hanefesh of which they are so deserving.

Kupas Yom Tov was founded to fill that need. Klal Yisrael stepped in and joined in the mission. And together, for the past eight years, thousands of families of talmidei chachamim were able to usher in Yom Tov with increased serenity and joy.

Yet, is that enough? Can we say our goal was met?

We could, if we were the kind who were satisfied with mediocracy or even good-enough.

But then there are those who have a vision—who constantly hunger to do more, who won’t ever stop, because there’s always more to do.

Those of us who want to try harder. Aim higher. Accomplish more.

Those like you.

Are you with me?

Those who want to stand with our talmidei chachamim, all year round!

Yes. You, together with so many others who want to aim higher and accomplish more. Who want to be there for our talmidei chachamim, day in and day out. Who want to be there for whatever comes up, each and every day.

That’s how Shela-He was born and that’s why it speaks to you and to so many others.

It’s a pledge, made by women and girls, defined by dollar bills but borne of love for Torah. It’s a promise of a dollar a day, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a commitment of loyalty, of everlasting support. It’s a message of emotional support and financial support all in one. It’s a yearning to be there for our precious talmidei chachamim and their families, not just before Yom Tov or before a simchah, but Every. Single. Day.

You think it’s just a dollar a day.

You don’t realize it’s an echo of Mattan Torah. Just as our fathers and mothers proclaimed Na’aseh v’nishmah, you’re doing the same. You don’t even wait to hear the details. You don’t want an itemized list before Yom Tov. You don’t need to see a shopping list.

Na’aseh v’nishmah. You rush to commit. To be there. To demonstrate the ahavah that you have for Torah. To aim higher and higher and accomplish more and more.

Shela-He is a new initiative, but it’s just a new twist on an eternal ideal.  

It’s bringing home everything you’ve always learned and everything you’ve aspired to be. It rejuvenates, recommits you, and reconnects you to Torah on all levels.

It creates an everlasting partnership between you and the holy words of Torah that a yungerman is learning today, and tomorrow, and every day.

That’s what Shela-He stands for—and that’s what you stand for, too. That’s what we’ve all always stood for, in every generation.

Shela-He is Rochel eishes Rabi Akiva. It’s every girl who yearned to throw her lot with a ben Torah, and it’s every woman who sacrificed time or possessions because of her cheshek for dvar Hashem. It’s me and you and so many of our sisters.

There is so much strength in our numbers!

That’s why we’re making an event for you.

An evening of connection.

An evening for inspiration and reflection.

Join us in Bell Works on Monday night. Please join us, join Shela-He, and be one of us, because this is who you are. We’ll be graced by the presence of Rav Malkiel Kotler. We’ll hear uplifting words from Rebbetzin Rena Tarshish. We’ll hear from an incredible lineup of speakers, sharing their stories and triumphs as they bring Torah into their lives. We’ll absorb the message of a new, stirring song that will remain in our hearts.

In accordance with daas Torah, this event will not be livestreamed. This is one time you’re going to want to carve out to make sure you are there in person. Immerse yourself in the heart-stirring program. Surround yourself with girls and women like you—post-seminary girls, married women—they’ll all be there! This event is for growing women of all ages.

An event with one focus, Shela-he is about your own connection to Torah. It’s a special partnership between you and the lomdei Torah.

The Chofetz Chaim tells us that in a Yissochar-Zevulan connection, there is an equal partnership. As Zevulan travels on business trips and brings home the goods, he is not any less, not b’dieved at all, not on a second rung.

The tomech Torah is equally cherished, just as the one who is learning Torah! Yes, that is what the Chofetz Chaim assures us.

We’ve learned that the world stands on limud Torah.

We’ve said that the world stands on limud Torah.

Here’s our chance to own our words. To be an equal partner. To be a part of the holy chant of words given to us thousands of years ago.

You feel the pull, the need to do more. Maybe your husband is already learning all day or part of the day. Maybe you’re already supporting Torah, paying tuition, or giving to Kupas Yom Tov before a chag. But you still feel you can and want to do more.

If you’re here, it’s because you aren’t satisfied with mediocracy or good-enough. You’re driven to aim higher, to accomplish more. You don’t just want to fill a need. You want to fill every need.

You’re like the beloved friend of the king who arrives in a show of strength and goodwill to help the king fight a battle. You’re the friend who feels the relief of the king as he begs you to kill his enemies, those who desire nothing less than toppling his kingdom and eradicating his name.

You’re the one who fights to the end, who uses up every single spear as he rids the territory of those who dare to defy your beloved king.

And then, your spears are gone.

There isn’t one spear left.

Dear king, what should I do now?

The king’s resolve has not shaken in the battle. Go get new ones! More spears! Keep going! Bring more and more victory on my behalf!

And you continue, because you’re the one with that special beloved closeness and loyalty to the king, the one who will not stop. You’re the one who sets out to do more and more, to make sure you are maximizing every resource that you have. You’re the one who likes to aim higher and higher and accomplish more than anyone else thought possible.

So even though you have many zechusim already, you will continue to garner more, add more kavod and honor to Hashem and His Torah and never stop.

Like the beloved friend of the king who collects more spears and sets out to battle again.

Like the businessman who notices yet another investment and secures additional funding.

Like everything else you’ve done as you aim for the top in every area of your life.

You’re one who grabs opportunity.

Be there on Monday night. Unite with us as we embrace our connection to Torah. Join us as we proclaim that Torah is the most important thing to us in this world.

The zechus is yours for the taking!


It’s a promise of a dollar a day, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a commitment of loyalty, of everlasting support

You’re like the beloved friend of the king, who arrives in a show of strength and goodwill, to help the king fight a battle