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The RCCS Test: How Well Do You Know Us? Ruchama Schnaidman RCCS helps people with cancer, right? Right. But what does “help” even mean? You’ve heard of RCCS. You may even know someone who has been helped by RCCS. But how well do you know RCCS? RCCS and a cancer diagnosis are synonymous. It’s not […]

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Rav Meir Hershkowitz Zt”l

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With Single-Minded Devotion A Tribute to Rav Meir Hershkowitz Zt”l, Rosh Yeshivas Bais Binyomin Stamford Y. Strauss The group of talmidim that returned from Eretz Yisrael found themselves facing a new reality. They had left Lakewood to accompany their beloved and revered rosh yeshivah to his final resting place, escorting the aron as it was […]

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A Story of Hope

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I sat beside Nechama’s hospital bed, my head in my hands. I wasn’t sad, scared, or upset. I was numb. There was a surrealism to the situation that my mind couldn’t process. Doctors and nurses buzzed in and out of the room, hovered over my daughter, and conferred with bent heads and hushed tones, but […]

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Sealed and Delivered

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A generous rebate program has Lakewood-area homeowners insulating their homes and upgrading their heating and cooling systems—with remarkable results Life costs money. We’ve all made peace with it. There’s the mortgage, tuition, insurance, the car, camp, clothing, groceries, and an ever-growing list of expenses that always seem just beyond our means. And yet, for some […]

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Bringing the Fourth Son Home

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Elisheva Braun Western Wall on Friday night, his first time ever there, Strapped into his knapsack with his long and curly hair… MBD’s transcendent voice paints the image of a backpacking youth on a search. Just one Shabbos was all it took to grow a drop of interest into a streaming river of connection. What […]

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As If He Left Mitzrayim

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Rabbi Yitzchak Finkel Brings the Past to Life M. Brejt The knock on the door was startling. Deep in the middle of their Seder, the Finkels glanced at each other. Who could be at their door on Leil Pesach? “Is it Eliyahu Hanavi?” one of the children asked, wide-eyed. Their neighbor stood there. “Is Rabbi […]

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My Chosen Life

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My Chosen Life Your day is not yours. Those waking hours? Sorry, but they don’t belong to you. You know what I mean. You feel it. You feel the stress, the pull of those hours that are not your own. Put in those hours. Get the job done. Check it off the list. Daytime is […]

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Zichron Moshe

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“If you help them, you are helping me!” So declaresRav Gamliel Rabinowitz regarding the chashuve families who are helped by Kupas Zichron Moshe. What is this kupah that has the full support of Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz? Who are the recipients he so worries and cares for? Hidden diamonds They are R’ Gamliel’s personal friends and […]

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Built on Hope

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Changing the Story for Couples Sarah Massry One of 10,000: the story of one Bonei Olam baby Sori Engel shares: After several years in shidduchim, I was looking forward to joining the ranks of my married friends who were raising families in Lakewood. I eagerly anticipated the next stage of life—building my own family. But […]

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Master Storyteller

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From Class Clown to Entertainer of Thousands A. Weiss I meet Yoel Ferber in the Voice’s office at the end of a long day teaching, but for him, he’s just getting started. He’s come to record for the Loop as their mascot—the one and only Sir Conference. Ari Berkowitz, publisher of the Voice, pokes his […]

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