The Homeset Experience

May 9, 2024

Fine quality furniture exclusively designed for a kallah’s vision and a mechutan’s budget

M.R. Perl

There’s nothing like the excitement of a kallah setting up a beautiful home, the fulfillment of all her dreams come true. Any kallah will tell you that it’s not just a table or a chair, but a very personal decision. It’s a time of tremendous joy, but also tremendous pressure. So much to do, so little time, nonstop decisions, bills piling up, and the time crunch…

Kallahs spend ages in furniture stores in search of something beautiful, durable, and affordable. But it can be challenging and confusing to find that combination in mainstream stores. It’s high time our kallahs have an exclusive place to shop that’s geared especially for them.

This is the premise of Lakewood’s brand new HomeSet store, the chosson-kallah furniture superstore for the tristate area. Innovated and founded by several veteran furniture retailers who bring 40 years of combined experience to the table, HomeSet offers a huge selection of top-quality furnishings for your first home and beyond.

The HomeSet Experience

The HomeSet name reflects its philosophy. The customer isn’t just buying furniture; they’re setting up a beloved home. HomeSet offers a unique combination: a high-end shopping experience at an affordable to medium price point.

HomeSet is housed in a spacious, elegant showroom, originally designed by Susan Strauss Design. Kallahs can browse the extensive displays of furnishings, set up just as they would be at home, to spark their imagination. The furniture is laid out in a user-friendly manner for easy and stress-free shopping. At this one stop shop, a kallah can get everything she needs to set up her very first home.

HomeSet carries a tremendous selection, with colors, sizes, and models that are not available elsewhere on the market. Everything in the store is designed and sourced to meet the needs of a chosson and kallah, their target customer base. Experienced and attentive staff guide each kallah and ensure that she has a fabulous shopping experience and a beautifully set up home.

The exclusive HomeSet kallah package includes everything a kallah needs to set up her home. The bedroom set includes a dresser, matching mirror, night table, and optional chest, along with two coordinating upholstered beds, and brand-name mattresses in any size. The dinette set includes a huge selection of tables and chairs, as well as both stationery and reclining sofas exclusively sourced by HomeSet. By purchasing a well-priced package with all costs up front, customers are guaranteed significant savings. In addition, HomeSet currently offers a free gift with every kallah package as an opening promotion.

Notably, the pricing at HomeSet is a mechutan’s dream, currently starting at $4,999 and up, a deal not available anywhere else. HomeSet has turned back the clock, reintroducing prices that haven’t been seen in years. What’s the secret behind the incredible pricing? By combing the purchasing power of the ownership group and their existing furniture stores, HomeSet is able to buy in volume, passing on the savings to the customers at a time when expenses snowball and every penny counts.

In the Plans

HomeSet opened in February of this year and has already serviced many kallahs. In a community where there are baruch Hashem countless new couples each year, this is an idea whose time has come.

HomeSet understands the unique needs of kallahs and addresses them with sensitivity and understanding. Eventually, HomeSet plans to expand to include selections tailored to the needs of families. Stop in to check it out for yourself and leave with all your wishes fulfilled.




What packages do you offer, and what do they include?

A typical kallah package includes a matching dresser, mirror, and night table, beds and upholstered headboards, brand-name mattresses, dinette table with chairs, and a sofa.

Who do you suggest should accompany the kallah?

Typically, we find that it’s the kallah and her mother who do the shopping and make the selections. On occasion, we have a chosson or the future mother-in-law come along, but it may be counterproductive and add unnecessary stress to the kallah and the decision-making process.

What makes your kallah package unique?

Our kallah package includes a huge range of options at dream prices, and of course, unbelievable service.

What’s the price range for the packages?

We start at $4,999 and up. The package price is based on the bedroom set selected.

Can I get a kallah package if we don’t need mattresses or a dinette set?

Sure! We tailor the kallah package according to your needs and adjust the pricing accordingly.

What if a kallah doesn’t have an apartment yet or the apartment isn’t ready when the furniture package arrives?

That’s a non-issue. We’ll store it for you until you’re ready for delivery.

What’s the quality of the furniture that’s being offered?

We only source furniture from reputable manufacturers whom we have experience with. They produce furniture from quality materials, using superior craftsmanship, to ensure that the furniture lasts.

Do you offer delivery and installation?

Of course! We will deliver and have your furniture installed by our experienced delivery crews. We deliver locally and anywhere in the tri-state area and beyond.




A Kallah’s Vision: Chavy Rosen*

I know my apartment isn’t set up yet, but I’m totally picturing it already. The kitchen with all the shiny new pots (that I have no clue how to use) and the heavenly meals I’m going to prepare. The dining room where we’ll have our Shabbos seudos, the living room with a comfy couch and a few pretty pillows. Our apartment isn’t too big, but I want it to be welcoming. I added lots of fun touches like monogrammed potpourri bags and tassels on the curtains.

I was a little stressed out, to be honest. How am I supposed to make all these choices? I hope my chosson will like what I chose. I want my furniture to be current but also something that won’t go out of style right away.

When my mother told me that we’ll shop for a kallah package, I wasn’t sure what the type would be. But it was totally amazing. The showroom was really stunning, and the furniture was set up just like it would be in real life. They had like a million choices. I had a great time browsing through all the dining room chairs and choosing my favorite. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but the staff was really nice and helped me figure out what would suit me best.

When we walked out of there after just one hour, I was on a high. I was so happy we chose everything easily. I can’t believe my very own apartment is all ready to be set up, and that I’ll have such beautiful furniture. And I’m so glad that my parents were happy too.

A Mother’s Dream: Mrs. Minna Rosen*

Chavy is my oldest daughter, so I’m doing this for the first time. I want her to have the best, but I’m also well-aware that I’ll be setting the standard for all her younger siblings. Her chosson, Yitzy, is learning at BMG, and we feel it’s important to set them up for success. We want quality pieces that will last so they’re not running to replace them in five years, but we’re a chinuch family, so it can’t break the bank. Just yesterday, we ordered two sheitels, and next week is the gown fitting, and the numbers are adding up like crazy. It all feels like monopoly money at this point.

I was so relieved when my friend Shiffy Stein* told me about HomeSet. The place is gorgeous and set up so beautifully that I saw Chavy’s eyes light up when we walked in. Even though I’m a first-time mother of the kallah and had no clue what to expect, the staff treated us with respect and patience, showing us endless options until we made up our minds. I’d been dreading running from store to store but we found it all at HomeSet—beds, headboards, mattresses, dresser, mirror, chest, night table, table, chairs, couch… It was like a complete package, except we got to choose each component.

I couldn’t believe how user-friendly the experience was. It was obvious that someone put in a lot of thought on how to make it convenient for us. And the price was very normal; my husband liked that part. I already told my mechateiniste about it, and I know I’ll be back here again and again.


*Names and minor details have been changed to protect privacy.


HomeSet, the new furniture superstore for kallahs, offers a huge selection of top-quality furnishings for your first home and beyond. They’re located at 1876 Route 9 in Toms River (next to Dini Wigs). HomeSet can be reached by phone at 732-966-9665 or by email at