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Our Advertisers Say...

Shmaya Friedman

“We have been advertising with the Voice for close to 15 years and we enjoy the name recognition and customer feedback.”

Shmaya Friedman

// Arozelli Kitchens
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"When we advertise in The Voice, people tell us that they see our ads everywhere!"

Dr. Safer

// Safer Orthodontics

“The voice is my number 1 choice for Lakewood advertising because it has a lot of interesting articles that make it a well-read paper, and I feel that that gives my ad more exposure. It's working very well - that's why I continue advertising!”

Shmuel Bassman

// Bassline Productions

The Voice Appeal

With its varied and targeted content, the Voice appeals to every member of the family: men, women, teens, and kids. That's why advertisers of every industry successfully reach their target audience through our pages.




Uplifting and enriching, our weekly hashkafic and halachic articles present stimulating food-for-thought to recharge your day-to-day.



A hand-picked roundup of the world’s most pressing and pertinent events, neatly tied with a bow and accompanied by expert political review



A weekly collection of delectable dishes to add to your repertoire or enjoy as eye candy. Always fresh, seasonal and guaranteed to please.


Coffee Room

Have you ever wondered what is really going on in Lakewood? Find out in the Coffee Room, where readers have their say. Read the latest take on a wide range of topics from playgroups to school lunches, from traffic to medical advice.


Of Heart and Home

Are you a woman who sometimes struggles? A woman with good days, better days, perhaps harder days? Read and relate to The Voice's women's page, in which the authors share the inspiration and encouragement they glean from life's daily vicissitudes.


Serial Stories

Get to know, identify with, and love the protagonists of contemporary and engaging serial stories. Whether based on a true account, or a realistic portrayal of what could have been, the serial stories keep the reader breathlessly turning pages, then eagerly waiting for more.

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