The Voice of Lakewood was created with a mission. Over fifteen years ago, as the Lakewood community began to grow and expand, rapidly stretching at the seams, there emerged a need for a common meeting place that would keep the town together. Lakewood needed a coffee room, a home base.

The Voice would be that gathering point.

From the start, the Voice of Lakewood had a knack for tackling the subjects that Lakewood’s residents were discussing in their own kitchens and carpools. It was a magazine that spoke the minds of the people and gave voice to the topics that Lakewood wanted to hear. The grocery-aisle chatter, previously divided in areas all around town, now had a common home – a place where solitary individuals could come together as a powerful, unified community.

It's no wonder that the pages of the Voice are still the ones that turn throughout the week. With exceptional content and high-quality graphics, it’s a magazine that is pleasant to look at and enjoyable to read. Lakewood locals turn to the Voice equally for their weekly dose of entertainment and information, as well as for the timely, relevant ads that feature community events and promotions. It’s simply the place to go. The Voice is a publication that combines leading content with the influence of the kitchen island: you’re guaranteed to swap stories, gain encouragement and learn the latest.

With 85% of Lakewood’s population poring over our pages, and a staying power that’s been proven to last, the Voice of Lakewood is the magazine of the town. Pick up a copy today and get to know us. We’re sure you’ll love what you see.

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