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October 12, 2023

Parnassah Solutions with a Proven Track Record

Navigating a path toward job training and employment can be lonely and overwhelming. Kollel yungerleit who have just left full-time learning, young women who are entering the workforce, mothers returning to full-time employment, those relocating to another community, and people seeking higher pay or a different working environment often find themselves at a loss.

That’s where PCS/Agudath Israel comes in.

With a remarkable track record spanning over three decades, PCS has provided top-tier career courses with an incredible success rate of men and women finding high-quality jobs despite the highly competitive job market.

Courses that work

“Our goal is to help people get better job prospects so they can leave their dead-end jobs,” states Gedaliah Weinberger, chairman of the board of PCS.“We strive for excellence, and we see that it works. Although salaries vary based on circumstances and locations, some of our programming students are earning well over $150,000 within a few years of graduation; others have earned equity in their companies. A graduate of the accounting course was offered a position with a yearly salary of $325,000 several years after completing the PCS/FDU Masters in Accounting course.”

Indeed, many of the PCS alumni credit their positions to the stellar education they received at PCS.

PCS has been so successful that communities across the US and around the world have reached out for help in replicating the PCS programs, including communities in Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Stamford Hill, and Melbourne.

The numbers speak for themselves. Over 98 percent of PCS’s accounting alumni and approximately 90 percent of its Software, Web, and App Development and IT Desktop and Networking Support students are gainfully employed. Many of the accounting graduates have taken their accounting and auditing experience to the next level and have opened their own successful businesses spanning the range of real estate, health care, and other fields.

PCS has learned that the best way to prepare students for high-quality jobs and opening businesses is to give them an extremely high-quality education. Course instructors are carefully selected to ensure that they have the skills and experience necessary to maintain a high academic level. Additionally, PCS constantly updates its courses to give students an edge in the current job market. PCS works closely with a committee of industry experts to ensure that its courses are up-to-date and meet rigorous academic standards.

Employers recognize and appreciate this.

“I have found PCS graduates to be very mature in their outlook toward the future,” states Daniel Wechsler, senior vice president of business development atMadison Commercial Real Estate Services. “They leave the course with an objective understanding of the marketplace and a clear focus and strong motivation to do whatever it takes to be successful in their field.”

Similarly, a manager at one of the Big Four accounting firms once commented to a PCS graduate, “We’re looking for more guys like you.”

PCS offers numerous career-oriented courses, but in this article, we will focus on three of its highly acclaimed and successful programs that are starting very shortly: Masters in Accounting and CPA; Software, Web, and App Development; and Business Enrichment.

Masters in Accounting

The FDU Masters in Accounting program is ranked among the best by Eduniversal 2023.

PCS has been running this program since 2015.

“The PCS course was tailor-made to equip us with exactly what we need to know to pass the CPA exam successfully as well as the skills we need to get our first job and excel in the workplace,” says Zvi Zicherman, a graduate of the course. “All of this was within a framework and schedule that worked perfectly with our religious requirements.”

Zvi credits his professional success to the education he received at PCS. “PCS gave me the foundation I needed to rapidly climb the ladder in the accounting field.”

Indeed, Zvi went from an entry-level job at Kanarek & Co. to a mid-size position at Withum Smith and Brown to a high-level position at PWC, one of the Big Four.

“I currently love my job as a managing partner at a fast-growing local consulting firm, LTC Ally.”

Software, Web, and App Development

Software development is ranked the number-one job by US News World Report 2023. PCS is proud to offer this course in person and remotely, with extremely positive outcomes since 1999.

In addition to the high-quality, experienced instructors, PCS offers its students live and remote homework labs twice a week.

“Because of the quality of the course and the education I received,” says a graduate of the Software, Web, and App Development course, “I was able to rise quickly from an intern to a valuable programmer working alongside well-seasoned senior programmers.”

“I worked with four PCS graduates,” says Ralph Lasry, former COO of 1on1 Development. “They are some of the best, most well-rounded developers on the team.”

Business Enrichment

The Business Enrichment course has proven an incredibly successful way for students to gain the real-world business skills they need to land high-paying jobs and thrive in the workforce. In a short period of time, students learn from experts in the field and gain a broad understanding of essential business topics.

Daniel Soloff, director of PCS, shares that students have consistently reported how this course has empowered them and given them the business education they needed to secure their dream jobs or start their own business.

“I would recommend the Business Enrichment course for someone who is leaving yeshivah and is trying to understand the business world,” says M.K., a course graduate. “This course will give him guidance and direction. The wide array of classes offered in this course will help him determine which field to pursue.”

“I am an administrator-in-training for a nursing home,” says Y.T., another graduate. “Coming straight out of yeshivah, I knew nothing about the business world. The computer and accounting courses were very helpful. The marketing and sales classes were also crucial in training me in how to recruit new patients. The public speaking courses taught me how to talk to clients and colleagues.

“In general, this program was vital in launching my career.”

Job placement

It doesn’t stop at the courses, though. Finding jobs for PCS course graduates is a top priority at PCS.

PCS has many assets to help its graduates find quality jobs, including decades of relationships with hundreds of companies, eight dedicated placement coordinators, and a vast network of contacts and loyal alumni who want to help one of their program graduates find a job.

The PCS secret

“It’s a secret that PCS has learned,” concludes Daniel Soloff. “Quality education and mastery of course material opens great parnassah opportunities.”

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PCS courses: fast facts

Masters in Accounting + CPA Fairleigh Dickinson University:

  • Ranked among the best colleges by Forbes,2023
  • Ranked among the best masters in accounting program by Eduniversal, 2023
  • New York, New Jersey, remote, and Israel options
  • Yeshivah and seminary degrees accepted

Software, Web, and App development:

  • Option to earn a BS in computer programming
  • In person and remote
  • Yeshivah and seminary credits accepted
  • Hands-on homework labs and mentors
  • Courses continually updated to reflect changing trends
  • Partial scholarships available

Business enrichment course:

  • In person and remote
  • Course duration is two to three nights a week for four to five months
  • Wide range of business courses, including Microsoft Office, Finance, Investment, Starting a Business, Management, Law, E-Commerce, Sales, Import/Export, QuickBooks, Online Marketing, Basic Accounting, Real Estate, Communication, Presentation Skills, and Negotiation
  • Partial scholarships available


Additional courses

PCS also offers the following successful courses:

  • Basic Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Investments
  • IT Networking and Desktop Support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Basic Computers
  • Fundraising and Event Planning
  • Online Marketing Sales
  • Selling Successfully on Amazon


The PCS course advantage

  • 98 percent employment rate for Masters in Accounting program
  • 90 percent employment rate for Programming and IT Desktop and Networking course
  • Career courses with high-salary upsides
  • Top-level education in a minimum amount of time
  • Eight job placement coordinators
  • Decades of relationships with hundreds of companies
  • Access to PCS/Agudath Israel vast job-referral network
  • In-person classes and remote options available