Energizing and Revitalizing

January 25, 2024

Feel Your Best with Hydra IV

Ruchama Schnaidman

Do you know Sarah Greenwald (or someone like her)?

She’s a regular, devoted Lakewood mother of six with another baby on the way. On a normal day, Sarah spends every waking hour racing between work, school buses, grocery shopping, meal prepping, toddler watching, and laundry washing. She manages appointments with back-to-back work calls and smoothly helps her daughter with a school project while throwing another load in the machine.

These days, Sarah’s on the couch. Her daughter can’t find a clean pair of socks, and her son has been complaining for days about the broken zipper on his coat. A to-do list buzzes in her head, growing longer by the minute, but Sarah simply doesn’t have the strength to do even one task.

Sarah has HG (extreme nausea and vomiting in pregnancy), and feels like she’s collapsing. She can hardly keep down a sip of fluid and has long given up on eating a solid meal. She knows that she desperately needs an infusion of nutrition and hydration, but the thought of another exhausting 10-hour trip to the emergency room for a simple bag of fluids keeps Sarah shaking on the couch.

And it’s not just Sarah. Take Avraham, a busy and accomplished business owner. On a regular day, it’s hard to catch a minute with Avraham as he moves from meeting to meeting. Avraham is scheduled to fly out of town on Sunday morning for a big business meeting.

His flight is booked, and he’s ready to roll, but then his fever suddenly spikes, and his head begins to ache. A visit to the doctor confirms that Avraham has the flu. He gets medication and is told he won’t be contagious after 48 hours. A quick calculation tells him that he’ll be okay to catch his flight on Sunday morning. Okay, medically, but the flu hits Avraham hard. He’s in bed, too weak to move oreven think straight, and his important business meeting is fast approaching.

Now what? How can people like Sarah and Avraham, or anyone else who’s feeling weak or run down, give themselves the boost they need?

Hydra IV is the answer. With Hydra IV, you will experience the magic of an energizing, life-giving IV infusion that takes you from blah to ready to take on the world in under an hour, from the comfort of your own home.

What is IV therapy?

You’ve heard the buzz on the street, people talking about getting IV infusions before Yom Kippur or after a bout of illness. Maybe you’ve seen hotels offering IV room service. You might even know someone who used Hydra IV for an infusion. You hear them raving about the results—the kallah who was filled with energy on her big day, the college student who aced an important test despite a raging cold, the manager out with mono who suddenly had the strength to return to work—but you don’t even know what IV therapy is.

Can anyone explain?

Hydra IV can. As Ayala Jacobs, FNP and founder of Hydra IV, explains, “IV vitamin or hydration therapy is the process in which a patient receives a boost of fluids and carefully selected vitamins and minerals through an IV infusion. The IV drip restores fluids and important vitamins, taming symptoms and infusing you with strength and vitality.”

In short, an IV infusion is powerfully invigorating, even for those who feel very depleted.

The skeptic in you might be wondering: what’s the benefit of an IV infusion over eating healthy or simply taking vitamins? The magic of the IV process is that it bypasses the gastric system completely, allowing the full dose of hydration and vitamins to immediately enter your bloodstream and restore your energy. Normally it takes the body time to absorb vitamins, and even then, it only absorbs a portion of the vitamins’ potency. When taken through IV your body will respond quickly and effectively.

Who benefits most?

Just about anyone who feels they need a boost can benefit from a home IV infusion.

“We get many calls from expectant women,” says Ayala, “especially women suffering from HG who are vomiting incessantly, are very dehydrated, and feel too weak to function. The difference they feel when they get an IV treatment is astounding. The infusion of fluids, vitamins, and minerals not only energizes them, it also calms their nausea.”

Ayala wants every expectant woman to know that she doesn’t have to suffer from dehydration, lack of nutrition, and debilitating weakness due to nausea or other factors. Nor does she have to endure endless ER visits to receive IV.

“Our expectant patients can’t believe how rejuvenated they feel after getting an IV infusion. They’re transformed, going from being unable to speak to suddenly having strength to care for their children or return to work.”

Kallahs are another group who are increasingly recognizing the benefits of IV hydration on the day of their weddings. As every chosson and kallah can attest, their wedding day is the happiest—and most intense—day of their lives. An IV infusion, administered unobtrusively at home or in the hall, gives the chosson and kallah the strength and vibrancy to feel their absolute best, from the early morning preps until the last dance of the night.

Other patients turn to Hydra IV when they’re run down from common ailments, such as the flu, sinus infections, migraines, dehydration, mono, and hangover effects. Even after an illness runs its course, lingering weakness can seriously affect a person’s daily function.

While an IV infusion is not a cure, it restores the body’s vitality, allowing clients to heal and get back to themselves faster.

Hydra IV administered an IV treatment to a woman whose best friend was getting married just as she was recovering from the flu. She had no idea where she would find the strength to attend the wedding…until she got her IV infusion.

Then there was the man who was severely dehydrated after being in the sun for many hours. Hydra IVs infusion rehydrated him and saved him a trip to the hospital.

And the stories continue. Expectant women were told not to fast on Yom Kippur…until they received their IV infusion and were able to make it through the day.

A patient with a gastric band was suffering from a severe lack of vitamins. His shrunken stomach couldn’t absorb enough of the vitamins he needed…until he received an IV infusion which bypassed his gastric system, allowing the vitamins and minerals to enter his bloodstream.

Hydra IV is also an option for family parties or office events. Group rates are available.

Why Hydra IV?

Because you are their focus.

“We want our clients to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed during and after their IV infusion,” Ayala says. “That’s why we provide the ultimate in concierge home IV infusions, including careful medical monitoring and custom prepared vitamin IVs.”

Ayala opened Hydra IV to help people after seeing too many weak and ill patients sitting in the ER for hours just waiting for an IV bag of fluids. “Nothing about that makes sense,” says Ayala. “The patient who is weak is the one who needs to be cared for and pampered in the most comfortable and relaxed setting. What can be better than receiving revitalizing IV infusion in the comfort of your own home?”

As an NP with extensive experience in emergency medicine, Ayala has the knowledge and certification to guide you toward the best infusion for your situation. With a vetted staff of trained, kind, and caring nurses (both male and female), and a variety of vitamins to suit each individual’s needs, Hydra IV can address your unique requirements.

What to expect

The Hydra IV infusion process is quick, simple, and safe.

When you reach out to Hydra IV, you’ll receive a consult with Ayala, who will ask pertinent questions regarding your medical history and current situation. With safety as a top priority, Ayala will never administer IV unless she’s sure it’s medically safe and responsible to do so. Although Ayala is certified to make medical decisions, she’ll often ask patients with more complex medical backgrounds to receive a script from their doctor. Additionally, an expectant woman cannot receive an IV infusion before speaking to her OB. Ayala also guides patients by providing resources and information to share with their doctors.

Once eligibility is determined, a customized IV infusion will be discussed and prepared. Vitamins typically include immune boosters vitamin C and zinc, as well as various B complex and B12 vitamins known to increase energy. There are also a number of other vitamins available based on specific needs.

As soon as the IV is ordered, a home appointment will be arranged to suit your schedule. At the set time, a friendly, trained home nurse will arrive at your home. You can relax as the nurse will run a quick medical check before patiently and professionally administering the IV.

The total process from the time the nurse arrives until you feel recharged and invigorated will take under an hour.

There’s no longer a need to suffer from lingering effects of colds and viruses or the debilitating effects of pregnancy nausea. If you’re feeling weak or depleted, you don’t have to stay that way. A quick and safe surge of revitalizing energy is only a call away.

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