Mesikus Hatorah

May 30, 2023

Continuous Chain

No schmoozing. No breaks. No distractions.

Uninterrupted study.

The ultimate in learning.

It’s the power of retzifus.

Interest on interest

Developed in the 17th century, compounded interest earns interest on interest.  

Retzifus learning is often compared to this ancient formula. Instead of yielding *proportionate returns, the method brings exponential growth.

As one continues learning without a break, the gratification and growth increase exponentially. As Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz famously said, 12+12 doesn’t total at 24—it’s so much more!

When one learns Torah for several hours, he reaches a sum far greater than the hours invested. The time spent engaged in uninterrupted learning becomes infused with a higher dimension, where the sum of the parts far exceeds the whole. It’s an experience that defies simple math, but one that is felt deeply in the soul.

The Mesikus Hatorah Difference

Some people call Mesikus Hatorah a “learning program.” But the truth is that it is so, so much more. One yungerman remarked that “I can honestly say that I have a whole different life now. The only thing I can compare it to is…Shabbos. Everything else is off the radar. With retzifus, you’re in a different mode. It’s emeseh ruchniusdke bliss!”

Another ben Torah mentioned that his rosh chaburah turned to him at the end of seder on Shivah Assar B’Tammuz and said, “Did you ever see the bais medrash look like this on a taanis? I’m in yeshiva for twenty years and I never saw anything like it! Unbelievable!”

Mesikus Hatorah’s initiative has inspired bnei Torah to continue learning even when faced with unexpected or trying situations. One yungerman had to leave seder to bring his son to the hospital for an urgent matter. Not wanting to stop the retzifus he was keeping to, he continued learning with his chavrusa non-stop over the phone. The doctor, feeling the aura of something very special, excused himself and said, “I’ll come back when you finish your studies!” The rosh chaburah subsequently asked Mesikus Hatorah, “Is this yungerman eligible for a check even though he left the bais medrash?” Rav Shaul Katz, one of Mesikus Hatorah’s leaders, responded, “Of course! Really he deserves a double check!”

Another yungerman was taken to the hospital for an emergency procedure, but he did not want to miss out on learning b’retzifus during that Sunday’s first seder. He asked his chavrusa to try learning b’retzifus over the phone for an hour-and-a-half, but they ended up learning the full two-and-a-half hours b’retzifus. They repeated the two-and-a-half hours the next day, and by Tuesday, he was discharged and able to return to the bais medrash.

A mesivta rebbi told Mesikus HaTorah about a bochur in his shiur who had recently gone to Eretz Yisroel. “He placed his Mesikus Hatorah card, showing the many hours he had learned b’retzifus, in the Kosel instead of a kvittel… This young bochur understood the chashivus!”

Mesikus Hatorah’s commitment to providing bnei Torah with this special structure of continuous learning has had a profound impact on many bnei Torah.

Mesikus Hatorah operates for a third of the year: three weeks during T’kufas Chanukah, three weeks at the end of the winter zeman, three weeks during T’kufas Shavuos, the last three weeks of the summer zeman, and the last two weeks of the Elul zeman. Yungeleit receive $180 for each of the three-week periods during which there was uninterrupted learning for two-and-a-half hours of each day’s first seder.

Partners in eternity

Mesikus Hatorah is a revolutionary retzifus program that has received the approbation of gedolei roshei yeshivos, has inspired thousands in yeshivos and kollelim across the country to undertake limud haTorah without disruption, tapping into the extraordinary benefits of learning continuously.

Galvanizing yungeleit and bochurim, the budget of Mesikus Hatorah over the past year alone exceeded $1 million. The program encourages bnei Torah to reach beyond their comfort zones and stretch their abilities, unlocking untapped potential in the process.

Today, Mesikus Hatorah has expanded to many kollelim across the country, including 75% of the country’s largest yeshiva, Bais Medrash Govoah, uplifting over 5,800 yungeleit and bochurim within the Batei Medrashim, with an astounding 130,000+ documented hours learned b’retzifus!

Now, you can have a share in it, too. You can partner with Mesikus Hatorah, gaining a cheilek in the learning of those who are part of this novel, innovative, and game-changing program. And in return?

Our revered gedolim will daven – for you personally.

For a contribution of $30 a month for a year, or $360 at once, you will receive a special, personalized brachah from Hagaon Rav Dovid Cohen, rosh yeshivah of Yeshivas Chevron, Hagaon Rav Yisroel Neuman, rosh yeshivah of Beth Medrash Govoha, and Hagaon Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, rosh yeshivah of Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe of South Fallsburg, and Hagaon Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal, rosh yeshivah of Yeshiva Tiferes Yerachmiel, all of whom will daven during their Shemoneh Esrei for your personal bakashah.

Be mentioned in the Shemoneh Esrei of the gedolei hador and have a cheilek in the immesurable zchus of Torah learnt b’retzifus! What a combination! This is the opportunity of a lifetime!

And here’s an extra-special zechus: For all names submitted prior to 10 p.m. on Wednesday, May 24th, the day before Erev Shavuos, Hagaon Rav Shimon Galei will give a heartfelt brachah and be mispallel on Erev Shavuos for your personal bakasha – whether it is for a shidduch, a refuah, parnassah, hatzlachah in Torah, or nachas!

We know that the koach of Torah and tefillah is unparalleled, and as Chazal say, “Tzaddik gozer v’Hakadosh Boruch Hu mekayeim.” So don’t miss out on this opportunity to tap into this special zechus now.

Join today in supporting this incredible program, and not only will you merit a cheilek of the limud haTorah you enabled, but gedolei hador will daven on your behalf.

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