The Loop Turns One

October 26, 2023

Elisheva Braun

Imagine a utopian school where students drink in every lesson.

Where children stream in droves to class and wait anxiously for the teacher to start.

Where every child feels successful and has the opportunity to advance and grow.

Where the teacher schedules a test and the class erupts in cheers.

Who needs recess? Class itself is enthralling.

In this relaxed, creative, upbeat environment, information is easily absorbed; the doors are open.

From the talented crew who bring you the Circle comes an all-new spin on constructive entertainment.

Meet the Loop, where learning happens with joy.

The Loop turns one.

Kids participate in a live game show through your landline. They solve riddles, memorize mishnayos, record professional-grade stories and songs, and craft skills from leining to cooking—all on the phone.

The Loop, launched in November of 2022, made waves as the first interactive kids’ phone line.

Let your child enter a world where anything is possible, where your child can be a star—minus the price tag of clubs membership and the travel it requires.

A fresh batch of content is produced every week. There’s always something new to engage with—hours and hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.

Busy, productively

Alter’s glasses were broken again. Mrs. Klein is a busy teacher. Her days are packed with teaching and tutoring. So it wasn’t until 7 p.m. that she got to the eyewear store on that wintry night.

With her hand on the swinging door, Mrs. Klein heard loud giggling and a hyper stream of chatter. She was surprised to see three of her students in the store, trying on glasses. Her surprise turned to dismay when they told her that store hopping was a common evening activity for them.

“They had just come from the nosh aisle at the supermarket,” Mrs. Klein recalls, “and they were headed to the dollar store next, to try on the costume hats. These girls were from chashuve families; I’m sure their parents wouldn’t want them out on the town all evening. But they were so bored; they needed something to do.”

The answer, as Mrs. Scharhon, director of the Loop, sees it, isn’t more Chumash homework.

“Today’s children have a bigger need to be kept busy. The secular world is filling that need with screen time. We have found a better way. Using a basic landline phone—which every kid can access—we provide children with a resource that’s engaging, entertaining, and wholesome.”

Kids don’t come to the Loop to learn; they come for the great time it provides. But while they’re enjoying themselves, they’re actually learning in a powerful way.

In this creative and uninhibited setting, crucial Torah concepts, handy skills, and mind-blowing amounts of information are easily absorbed.

Story lovers, points enthusiasts, trivia geeks, and competitive souls, gather round! There’s something for everyone on the Loop.

Learning, incentivized

Years of failed tests and unfinished assignments had dealt a devastating blow to seventh-grade Chevy’s* confidence. Her teachers would coax her to do better, but inevitably, every year, they would admit defeat.

“Chevy just isn’t a good student,” they all agreed.

A few weeks ago, Chevy earned a perfect score on her Bereishis chidon. For the first time in her life, she held a test marked 98 percent in bright, red letters. Her teacher wanted to know what changed.

“I actually didn’t study with Chevy for the chidon,” her mother shared. “She loved the Bereishis games on the Loop. She played them over and over again until every nugget of information was at her fingertips.”

We all love to learn new skills, store more information, and explore and incorporate fresh lessons. But unfortunately, imagination and creativity can be cramped by wooden desks and lots of rules.

The Loop awakens that love in each and every child—with cool sound effects to cheer them on. From meshalim and meaningful stories spun by spellbinding storytellers to brain-tickling stumpers, kids grow intellectual wings. They are engaged, excited, and growing. Without the structure and pressures of school, their minds are free to explore.

Loopoints earned in Loop and Learn—The Loop line’s most educational center—have supercharged earning power.


A sneak peek at some of the new features

Parshah Risk

First answer parshah questions. Then, take your points and leave, or go up a level, answering harder questions with the potential to earn exponential points—and the risk of losing everything you’ve earned.

Gotcha Gematria

Set to a heart-palpitating three-minute timer, you have one chance to tally up the gematria of a pasuk in the Torah. Wait! First you have to hunt down the pasuk—hints lead you to it—and then whip out the proper sefer and get counting!

Scrambled Eggs

Splatter! Sizzle! Splash!

The chef fries lettered eggs. Unscramble the letters as they plop into the pan.

30 days free + fantastic raffles + new features rollout = Loopalooza

Forget the cake smash. This first-year birthday promises to be epic!

In honor of the Loop’s first anniversary, all new subscribers are invited to Loopalooza Month, a full month free on the Loop.

Taste the freedom of having hours of entertainment on your landline, 100 percent kosher, 100 percent constructive, 100 percent knowledge-honing, confidence-boosting, skill-building, and creativity-enhancing fun.

The Loopalooza promises to be an unforgettable month featuring lots of fun and the newest features that the Loop has to offer.

The Loopalooza Worldwide Talent Show is one exciting Loopalooza highlight. Talent champions win TOMOLOO S1 Hovershoes with rhythm LED lights. All Loopkids, new and old, can enter.

All Loopkids are also invited to the many super-special raffles spread throughout the month.

Existing Loopkids can also enter a raffle for a Deeproar trampoline!

*Name has been changed

To subscribe, call 848-777-8888 or visit

For customer support, email, or call/Whatsapp/text 732-592-5437.